June 29, 2018

Well we all (Alex in this case) make mistakes!

In our mid June eNewsletter we offered a linited quantity of this book 'Steam & Stirling - engines you can build' at a silly price, and were wondering why we didn't sell any.

Well today Alex realised that he hadn't entered the stocks on the computer, for which he apologies. He has now rectified his error, and now you may grab yourself a great bargain!


April 13, 2018

More "Ellie" News!

It seems that "Ellie" is the engine for today's live steam enthusiast (and we aren't complaining)!

November 04, 2017

"Ellie" book and parts now available

  "Ellie" is a fantastic project for the beginners, and the more experienced alike, and I am pleased to say is selling well.

But we also now have kits of laser-cut parts, largely for the frames available, to speed construction.

I wonder if any lucky young person will be presented with one as a Christmas present?

October 04, 2017

'Here be Dragons' has arrived a tad early ...........

and I have to say I am pleased with the job the printers have done.

It is an extremely interesting and enjoyable read for anyone interested in steam preservation, especially on the Ffestiniog Railway, and also has a considerable amount of technical 'meat' as well.

August 25, 2017

Martin Fuller's second Talyllyn book has steamed in early!

Martin Fuller's second volume on Talyllyn & Corris Steam Locomotives is in stock - it was due to be delivered next month, but the printer delivered it early.

And I can tell you that it is fully up to the standards of Volume 1, absolutely crammed with detail, but highly readable at the same time.

Take a look!

June 30, 2017

Ton Pruissen's Films - New Bulk Trailer

Ton Pruissen sent us this new trailer for all his films which we offer, up to and including those issued over the last few weeks. 24 minutes of viewing pleasure, which took me 26 hours to upload onto YouTube. Enjoy!

June 11, 2017

The General Election (yawn) and other things!

At the end of all that hullabaloo, government is in even more of a mess than usual surely if there was ever a point for a Government of National Unity, now is the time until Brxit is finally settled? End of political comment .......

On a happier note, currently Kayowool is flying out the door, hotly followed by the Snailbeach, the K1 and the Darjeeling Garrat books, all of which is good. PLUS Ton Pruissen's very good film 'Trams in East Germany' is now available as a DVD. And we have another new book (OK - a reprint) and a new DVD coming very shortly. Plus the weather looks like improving over the next week.

Here's the trailer of East German Trams' for you to see:

March 29, 2017

Air Board Technical Notes - and Reward Points


Recently in from the printers is our reprint of the popular 'Air Board Technical Notes Vol.1' - this is the one about maintaining a number of WW1 aero engines.

AND we have launched a 'Rewards' scheme which gives regular purchasers points per purchase which can be redeemed against future purchases.

More good value from 'Camden'!

January 14, 2017

'New" Products and News

In our eNews last week I announced two new books will be available in February. 'New" in this case being reprints of books we first printed in 1997. The first of these "INJECTORS : their Theory, Construction & Working" by W. W. F.  Pullen certainly will be available around the end of the month, but the second - Volume 1 of "Airboard Technical Notes" will be slightly later as , unexpectedly, we are able to expand it.

This is a reprint of the notes prepared at the time for those charged with maintaining the engines of World War One aircraft in the RFC & RNAS. This was a loose leaf book in the original, and when we reprinted it we knew there must be more inserts, but couldn't trace them. However yesterday I found a source for the instructions for three more engines, which we propose to add to the original when they arrive. So expect this book around the end of February or early in March.

Full details on the website as soon as we have delivery date, and final price.

You don't get our eNews? Go to this page and leave your email address in the box at the bottom right - simple as that!

Coming up on the 22nd July - 'The Bristol O Gauge Group Show' at the UWE just north of Bristol, very close to the M4. Lots of interest for railway modellers and enthusiasts, and well worth a visit if you can reach it.

October 30, 2016

LaLa (digital) and the Exeter Garden Rail Show

'LaLa' is the Camden staffs' shorthand for our English edition of Chapelon's great book 'La Locomotive a Vapeur', published in 2000, and despite a large print run, long out of print., and fetching considerable sums of money secondhand.

I had been considering whether it could be re-issued as a 'Digital Edition' ever since we started these, but knowing that 'LaLa' was a big (667 pages) and complex book, anticipated difficulty in creating it in this format.

Well - I was right about that, but we have now succeeded, and this classic book on the development and technology of the steam locomotive is now available in digital form - click HERE for details.

This success was closely followed by yesterday's Exeter Garden Railway Show, always an enjoyable event where we met up with many of our more local customers. It was a long day, made longer by traffic chaos in Exeter caused by a planned  shutting of a bridge, and the unplanned, and very sad, major fire in the city centre, close to the Cathedral; luckily  this was undamaged.

The Camden and ASH Models stand - photo by Alex who, naturally, included his section - unfortunately I pulled a face at the wrong second!

And now we have to start preparing for our OPEN DAY next Saturday - do come if you are in our area then!