July 02, 2014

Catching Up!

Just back from 11 glorious days in Cumbria - sunny and warm for once, and 3 marginally less good days in mid Wales to find the staff working hard to process the orders from the Booklist sent out at the beginning of the month. As always happen when we issue a list, there is an initial week or two when we get overwhelmed by orders for items we haven't previously sold in quantity, and have to frantically reorder.

Once I have caught up with all the itemsd awaiting my attention my main task is to get 'Memories of Steam Rallying' to print, but one things I have done is added short clips to three Railstuff DVDs - Eccentric Electrics, Last Wisps of Indian Steam and Rio Trams, so now you can at least get a flavour of these good films.


And please don't let the first paragraph of this ramble put you off sending your orders!

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