April 21, 2015

We are expecting a new arrival!

All being well Alex - our Office Manager and my son, and his partner Rebecca will have their first child around the 27th April, so we are all very excited, and Alex has chewed his fingernails to the bone! So please forgive us if thing are a bit erratic next week.....

Alex and I manged a last 'boys weekend' away at the recent 16mm Narrow Gauge Association's annual Exhibition at Peterborough 10 days ago, and had a great time meeting friends old and new. In the latter category it was good to meet Brian Wilson, the author of our recently republished 'Steam Trains in Your Garden', which also sold well there. In the former category was well known professional locomotive builder Peter Angus, with whom we are working on a new book which will, hopefully be out in the Autumn.

All in all, a good weekend before Alex's life is turned upside down for quite some years.

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