August 08, 2016

And Now - Digital Editions

  We have been searching for some time for a way of bringing back some of our Out of Print books in digital form, and have now cracked it, although not in a form that can be read on a Kindle or similar ebook reader.  However you can read these on a computer, an iPad, notebook, or mobile phone - anything which can receive a Download in fact.

At the moment five Digital Editions are available, with more to follow - these are:

'LBSC' His Life and Locomotives

Model & Miniature Locomotive Construction

Building Small Boilers for Gas Firing

Building a Marine Compound Engine

The Non Rotative Beam Engine

Or, to see the whole lot, plus the 'Technical 'Bit', click HERE.

Great books available again and No Delivery Charge, and almost Immediate Delivery! The exact delivery time will depend on your internet download speed, and could be two-three minutes for the first two books, which are much bigger, but a lot quicker than the post.


Richard Laslett said:

Thanks for making ebooks available. Downloaded my first book. Excellent.

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