October 30, 2016

LaLa (digital) and the Exeter Garden Rail Show

'LaLa' is the Camden staffs' shorthand for our English edition of Chapelon's great book 'La Locomotive a Vapeur', published in 2000, and despite a large print run, long out of print., and fetching considerable sums of money secondhand.

I had been considering whether it could be re-issued as a 'Digital Edition' ever since we started these, but knowing that 'LaLa' was a big (667 pages) and complex book, anticipated difficulty in creating it in this format.

Well - I was right about that, but we have now succeeded, and this classic book on the development and technology of the steam locomotive is now available in digital form - click HERE for details.

This success was closely followed by yesterday's Exeter Garden Railway Show, always an enjoyable event where we met up with many of our more local customers. It was a long day, made longer by traffic chaos in Exeter caused by a planned  shutting of a bridge, and the unplanned, and very sad, major fire in the city centre, close to the Cathedral; luckily  this was undamaged.

The Camden and ASH Models stand - photo by Alex who, naturally, included his section - unfortunately I pulled a face at the wrong second!

And now we have to start preparing for our OPEN DAY next Saturday - do come if you are in our area then!




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