June 11, 2017

The General Election (yawn) and other things!

At the end of all that hullabaloo, government is in even more of a mess than usual surely if there was ever a point for a Government of National Unity, now is the time until Brxit is finally settled? End of political comment .......

On a happier note, currently Kayowool is flying out the door, hotly followed by the Snailbeach, the K1 and the Darjeeling Garrat books, all of which is good. PLUS Ton Pruissen's very good film 'Trams in East Germany' is now available as a DVD. And we have another new book (OK - a reprint) and a new DVD coming very shortly. Plus the weather looks like improving over the next week.

Here's the trailer of East German Trams' for you to see:

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