Building Stirling 1


A best seller quite some years ago, and now reprinted, here New Zealander Ted Warbrooke describes how to build a unique form of Stirling Engine which does not have a displacer. The theoretical possibility of such an engine had been long considered, but as far as we are aware, Ted’s was the first design that actually worked.

Because the only moving parts are the piston, crankshaft, crank and flywheel this is a very simple engine to build, and an ideal project for the beginner. Equally it will have considerable appeal to Stirling Engine enthusiasts as the possibilities for experimentation with this design are considerable.

This book contains full drawings for this engine, plus hints and tips on building it, assembly photos etc. Stirling 1 requires no castings, and can largely be made from bits in the scrap box. Simple but accurate turning, some hand work and some soldering are all that is required to build this fascinating engine.

Quality 32 page A4 softcover book.

This film shows Ted Warbrooke's original  Stirling 1 running: