"Ephraim" Complete copper boiler


Built exactly to the design for the boiler in the "Ephraim" construction manual, this copper boiler is silver-soldered, hydraulically tested to 200 psi, for a working pressure of 80 psi, Kite Marked and issued with a test certificate.

As standard the boiler is supplied with the bushes tapped 1/4 x 40tpi as per the design, but can be supplied tapped in metric threads if required

These boilers are built in batches, and there may be a delay of two-to three weeks between order and dispatch. Because of their relative value, they are sent by carrier in the UK, or by insured mail to other countries.

We can only juggle our website so-far to accommodate this, and CUSTOMERS in AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, JAPAN and other far eastern and Australasian countries should contact us HERE to request a Pro Forma Invoice with the correct postal charge; the website will charge you too much....