Corpet, Louvet et Cie


The price may make you gulp, but at 512 pages, and dangerously close to 1000 illustrations - mainly B&W, this is one heck of a book.

Founded in Paris in 1853,  Corpet, Louvet et Cie produced steam locomotives until 1951. The bulk of these were 0-6-0 tank locomotives of various gauges for industry, and in metre gauge for many French narrow gauge railways.

Locomotives for major railways in France were relatively rare, and usually designed elsewhere; in fact Corpet, Louvet were generally unadventurous technically**, even if one of their last products was arguably the apogee of French steam - de Caso’s wonderful 232 U1 - ‘La Divine’.

The 'new' text is in French, but there are a number of technical articles from British technical magazines on Corpet products reproduced, and these are obviously in English.

An absolutely superb book, especially for anyone with the slightest interest in French narrow gauge systems and their motive power. Hardbound.

** In their early years they did produce a wonderful NG tank loco with, effectively a V-twin engine mounted between the fames longtitudinaly which cries out to be modlled, and somewhat later they became major proponents of the Brown system of indirect drive and valve gear, which found favour on steam trams.