Kayowool Ceramic Fibre Insulation material

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Kayowool is the generic name for a high performance insulation material ideal for model steam boiler insulation.

Ceramic fibre paper is a lightweight refractory material processed from a blend of alumina-silica fibres into a flexible, uniform sheet. The distribution of the fibres with the organic bond and the thickness of the ceramic fiber paper can be very strictly controlled. Refractory ceramic fibre paper is very flexible and easy to cut with a smooth surface, ideal for gasketing and sealing applications.

Key Features

  • Easy to cut, wrap or form
  • Temperature stability
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Low heat storage
  • Resilient
  • Light weight
  • Good dielectric strength
  • Good flame resistance
  • Heat Resistant to 1260 degrees C

Whilst we haven't tried it as such, it is also said to be excellent for gaskets and seals.

Safer than asbestos, and a much better insulator than that, old socks, blankets and the like.

However, European Directive 67/548 categorises Refractory Cermic Fibres (RCF) as a category 2 carcinogen, meaning it may cause cancer by inhalation. Category 2 is actually the third category (there are Categories 1a & 1b) and hence quite low.

We believe this product is safe, as long as you take sensible precautions not to inhale any dust by using an appropriate face mask, and wash your hands thoroughly after handling it.

We offer it in two thicknesses - 1 mm for generally smaller models, and 2 mm for larger ones, each in 1000 mm x 610 mm lengths; orders for more than 1 metre will normally be sent in a single length.