Leak 'Large' Marine Compound Engine Drawings (Full size)


Set of 10 drawings for Arthur Leak's 4" & 7 1/2" x 4" Marine Compound Steam Engine. The GA drawing included is for the near identical 'Small' compound engine and is printed A3 size. If you prefer all smaller (A3 size) sheets, click HERE, or for a downloadable set of the drawings, click HERE.

This engine is suitable for hulls OVER 35 foot or so in length, and up to around 50 foot overall. One is installed in a full length narrow-boat.

The engine has been designed to be built on a lathe, and a milling machine or a shaper. This is a substantial machine of robust construction designed for hard work, and is essentially an enlarged edition of the same designers 'Small' compound.

An Edwards Air Pump is part of the design, but may be omitted if a keel condenser is preferred. The drawings have imperial dimensions.

The CONSTRUCTION MANUAL for the smaller engine is available as a 'Digital Edition', and would bee useful to any builder of this engine.