Discover Rode's Past


Our home village of Rode has a fascinating history, well told in this nice pocket size book.

Once you’ve read the history then using the map of the village in the book you can go, see and even touch all that is described, because this book is about the evidence that still can be seen today of Rode’s past.
Beginning with Rode’s prehistoric burial chamber, the history traces the village’s evolution through Roman farmsteads, its mediaeval religious past, onto the major industries which have come and gone (many based on mills that utilised the power of the River Frome), to the astonishing number of shops and pubs of yesteryear.

It also includes a guide to many of the large and ‘not-so-large’ houses that still grace the streets of Rode and have done so for hundreds of years all interwoven with an account of many of the families who lived there and helped shape the village. Everything is explained within the context of what was happening in the rest of the country at the time. 99 pages. Maps. 75 mainly colour photographs.
This highly engrossing book is the result of many years of painstaking research by Rode resident, historian Peter Harris.

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