Great American Railroad Stories (from Trains magazine) PAPERBACK (SALE)


Fifty-one shortish (2-4 pages) articles from Trains magazines of the last 75 years, the earliest from the November 1941 issue, the latest from the December 2009 issue.

Trains has always prided itself on the quality of the writing found in its pages and amongst many others, here are articles by Lucius Beebe, Al Kalmbach, David P. Morgan, Linn H. Westcott, Jim Boyd, John H. White Jr., George H. Drury and many others.

Subjects range for the Death Valley Scotty Special, through hiring a special on the 2’ gauge Bridgton & Harrison RR, to Christmas working on the BNSF, with a slight bias towards the steam era.

The writing is the thing, but there are around 90 photographs, largely B&W, appropriate to each article.

256 pages of sheer delight!

A HARDBACK edition of this book is also available - click HERE for details.