German Locomotive Industry

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Published by HMSO for the Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee, G-2 Division, SHAEF (Rear), this contains three reports, the first on 'German Locomotive Production during War Period', the second being 'Notes on Locomotive Repairs in Germany' and the third 'Locomotive developments in Germany'.

These reports were written by Col. G. Thomas, Ministry of Supply and Mr. F.W. Youry T.I.I.C following a vist from the 24th May to the 16th June 1945.

Whilst slim at 16 pages, there is a lot of information here on the war locomotives, notably the Class 52 of which a fold-out GA is attached at the back, and on the state of Germany's railways in the immediate aftermath of the war.

No publication date is evident in this publication, but it is presumed to have been during the second half of 1945.

Very rare, and in good condition given its age and the wartime paper it is printed on, which is just starting to yellow.