Southern Pacific Ten-Coupled Locomotives


Here we have Robert J Church's latest master work on the motive power of the Southern Pacific Railway, this encompassing the the history and development of the Ten-Coupled Locomotives.

Faced with considerable climbs in a number of directions, the SP built its first 10-coupled locomotive in 1884 - the giant 4-10-0 El Gobernador, although no more were built for it until the F-1s 2-10-2s arrived in 1917, intended for passenger services on both Beaumont Hill and San Gorgonio Pass, as well as the Tehachapi, Siskiyou and Sierra Nevada lines.

In 1925 the SP 4-10-2 class arrived, three cylinder engines fitted with Gresley conjugated valve gear, something the SP made to work better than most US railroads. The author devotes a full chapter to Gresley's work (and I have never seen so many photographs of A4s in an American book), and another to the various Gresley three-cylinder locomotives in America, as well as a section on Chapelon's 242A1. And there is a huge amount more, on tenders, air-brake tests, helper service and so on.

The book is crammed with technical data, as well as 795 B&W and some colour photographs along with 107 drawings and maps. 532 pages Hardback.

A great book, worth every penny of the price!