WDLR Companion


A companion volume to Roy C Link’s earlier ‘WDLR Album’, on the British light railways of the First World War, this volume, co-authored by Colonel David W Ronald contains much additional material on the development of these 2 foot gauge lines.

It very much takes a ‘top down’ approach to answer two important questions about the WDLR - the first how it came to be implemented so quickly, with the first lines open to traffic less than six months after the initial concept was first proposed? Secondly, how did this major transport undertaking virtually disappear in little more than a year after the Armistice? This is very interesting and informative - I learnt a lot!

Incidental to answering these questions, much information for the NG enthusiasts or modeller is provided in a magnificent book of 196 pages, containing over 62 photographs, 59 modellers’ scale drawings, 29 drawings, diagrams, maps and plans. Hardbound and landscape format.