We like to think our Full Colour FREE Booklist is one anybody with almost any form of mechanical interest should have - and a lot of our customers seem to agree.

HOWEVER, this Booklist was issued in October 2016 and is Out-of-Date as a result - the only way to find out exactly what we have, and now don't have, is to check on this website. Our apologies for this, but we are working on an entirely different sort of list.

The List is sent completely FREE world wide.

To request a copy before you order, send us an email giving your name and address.

OR you can download a copy in PDF form by clicking HERE, and be browsing the list within seconds!

BOOK NEWS: to update Booklist 73 we are now issuing regular 'Book News' leaflets and the latest will be sent if you request a copy of the Booklist. OR you can download a copy in PDF form now by clicking HERE and you will be able to see all our own books and DVDs and many of those available from other publishers, which have become available since the Booklist was published.


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