A Darracq called Genevieve


This highly entertaining book tells how a 1904 Darracq became veteran motoring’s most famous car, after it starred in the 1953 film ‘Genevieve’. Against all expectations this became a world-wide hit, and brought veteran cars much more into the public eye.

Rodney Laredo tells of ‘Genevieve’s’ history from being rescued as a pile of parts post-war, her restoration and her subsequent global travels after the film propelled her to stardom. A long time friend of Dinah Sheridan, one of the film’s stars, he also recounts in detail how a film made on the cheap, with little backing has become one of the best loved British comedies. This is a delight for veteran car and film buffs alike.

Around 140 illustration and photographs, both B&W and colour. Hardbound.