Armoured Trains


During the late 1990s we offered a very large French language book called "Les Trains Blindes', which covered armoured trains from 1826 to 1989. This is the same book, now in English, greatly expanded in size, and brought up to date.

In this 'Illustrated Encyclopedia 1825-2016' the author tells of the armoured trains used in 72 countries around the world. Whilst such trains were first used in a big way during the American Civil War, their development centered largely on the East European countries, plus Russia during World War 1, and Germany during World War 11. This is a truly fascinating history, if complex at times, as trains were captured on a regular basis, changing sides in the process, and will be of interest to the military historian as much as the railway one.

If the original book was very large, this new edition is monumental - large format, 528 pages, hardbound and weighs 2.65 kgs. There must be over 1500 B&W photos, plus a 16 page colour section, and numerous scale drawings by the author, largely to HO scale.

This has to be the definitive work on the subject of armoured trains.