Big Gun Monitors ~ Design, Construction and Operations 1914 -1945

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Described here as “little more than a huge gun mounting fitted on a simple, self-propelled raft”, the Royal Navy’s monitors described here largely came about because Winston Churchill and  Lord Fisher had various, sometimes conflicting, plans which involved heavy bombardment from the sea.

The initial monitors had 14in guns, later ones had 12in and finally 15in main guns; additionally classes of river and ‘small’ monitors are covered here.

During WW1 their main area of operations was the Eastern Mediterranean, although some went much further afield. Only two still survived in useable condition by 1939 and two new monitors were built, one surviving until 1947.

This interesting book looks at each of these unusual warships - their design, construction, armament and service in some detail. 256 larger format pages, around 200 B&W photos and drawings. Card Covers.