Camels and Cadillacs - A History of the South African Railways 25 Class Condensers and 25 NC 4-8-4's

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Phil Girdlestone is one of the quintet still working on the development of advanced steam, and has been a Camden customer for many years, but has never previously graced the pages of this list.

Well, he has certainly arrived with a bang via this book - a technical history of the South African 25 Class Condensers and 25NC 4-8-4’s.

Introduced in 1953/54, these locomotives were very modern in conception and detail, and the condensers, which used the Henschel patent system, were really the only successful condensing locomotives long-term ever built. And, of course, one of the NC class was rebuilt and upgraded into ‘The Red Devil’ by David Wardale.

This superbly produced book looks at these engines in very considerable technical detail, with informative text, many drawings and diagrams and photographs, largely B&W, but with a generous colour section. 159 A4 format pages and hardbound.