Car Builders' Cyclopedia of American Practice Twelfth Edition 1928


'Definitions and typical illustrations of Cars, their parts and equipment; Descriptions and Illustrations of Shops and tool employed in their construction and repair; Cars built in America for industrial operations and for Foreign Railroads".

Original copy of the 1928 edition of this incredible rare book on then current American practice on the designs of both freight and passenger cars, their construction and repair.

The publication date means that this was prior to the streamline, lightweight era of passenger cars, so you have the best of the heavyweight cars. The level of detail is extraordinary - there are even 4 pages devoted to toilets, or water closets.

1288 pages in all - 3317 B&W illustrations - photos, diagrams and drawings. Hardbound.

Condition - well referred to and cover boards rubbed, plus a small number of pages  slightly bent at top corner, otherwise good for age

Note - heavy! 3.8 kgs!