The Secret Horsepower Race - Damaged copy


This copy although is new, has been dropped at some point which means the bottom corners are squashed and there is a small tear in the dust jacket. The pages and spine are perfectly in tact, just the small amount of damage to the cover as said above. 

"Western Front Fighter Engine Development"

The piston engines that powered the fighters of the Second World War, and the secret intelligence work carried out by the combatants would determine the outcome of the first global air war. Jet engines were under development, but every significant air battle was fought by piston-engined fighters.

This work concentrates of every aspect of the race to develop more power amongst all the combatants, the personalities involved and the methods used, notably supercharging and fuel injection. As one would expect, there is a considerable amount of technical 'meat' here, much of which is still use3d today in the development of Formula One racing engines.

A monumental 480 pages hardback, full of diagrams, charts, drawings and photographs, nearly all the latter of engines, and engine parts.