Deeds of a Great Railway

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From the library of George Carpenter.

Written by G.R.S. Darroch, Assistant to the C.J. Bowen-Cooke, CME, L&NWR , and published in 1920, this is 'A record of the enterprise and achievements of the London and North-Western Railway Company during the Great War'.

Whilst it doesn't neglect the running of the railway, the book concentrates on building armoured trains, the 'Crewe Tractor' and in particular the production of munitions, and associated machinery. All described in 'patriotic' text!

22 B&W photos, some drawings. 214 pages. Hardbound. Inscribed 'To Kenneth Cantlie Xmas 1920 from his father James Cantlie' inside the front cover.

Condition - well read, loose with marked cover, but perfectly readable. A rare book.