Diesels for the First Stealth Weapon: Submarine Power 1902-1945 VERY SPECIAL PRICE!


In effect, this is the long awaited Vol. 2 of Diesel’s Engine, even if it does deal with just one particular application. As has often happened it was military needs that led to rapid development of an idea, here the fact that the diesel cycle engine was ideally suited for powering submarines on the surface, and charging their batteries, so the large, compact diesel engine came into being. Essentially Lyle Cummins covers the subject chronologically then nationally, mainly the European maritime nations, plus Japan and the U.S.A., although Switzerland plays an important part; it may have never had a navy, but it was home to Sulzer. As with all of Lyle’s books, this is that rare combination - erudite and highly readable. Over 750 pages, with 450 drawings and photos. Hardbound. 

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