Drawings of the Levant Whim (SALE)

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You won’t find many sets of drawings around for a scale beam engine at this price - in fact I doubt if you will find any. The only snag with these is that they are of a full size engine, and not constant scale. The engine concerned is the 24 inch whim, or winding, engine built in 1840 by Harvey & Co of Hayle, and installed at the famed Levant Mine near St. Just, Cornwall which was the first Cornish Beam Engine preserved - in 1935. Restoration to working order was undertaken between 1984 and 1992, and it was whilst this was being done that the engine was measured up and the drawings which form this book delineated. In fact because of work involved in the restoration, the result is that the drawings show the engine in its 1930s state rather than its restored one. The original idea for the drawings was to make a scale model of the engine, and there is certainly more than enough information here for the skilled model engineer to do just that. 56 relevant drawings, plus a lot of additional information in the text pages. Super value 79 page paperback.