Eleven Stirling Engine Projects: You can Build - Damaged


Damaged Book- See Condition

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, United States

Publication Date: 2012

Binding: Paperback

Book Condition: Damaged- Bottom right corner and pages for the first quarter of book are bent and creased. Otherwise in great condition. 

Here is a collection of eleven Stirling engine projects, including five new groundbreaking designs by Jim Larsen. Now you can build simple pop can Stirling engines that look sharp and run incredibly well. The air cooled pop can engines will run for hours over a simple candle flame. Unlike most pop can engines, these don't need ice for cooling, so there is no mess to clean up and they can be run almost anywhere. And the Quick and Easy Stirling Engine will have you running your first Stirling engine in just a few hours. Jim Larsen's original designs made for this collection include:

  • Single Chamber Pop Can Stirling Engine
  • Dual Chamber Pop Can Stirling Engine
  • Walking Beam Pop Can Stirling Engine
  • Horizontal Pop Can Stirling Engine
  • Quick and Easy Stirling Engine

Kit builders will enjoy the detailed reviews of 4 commercially available kits. These kits are reviewed and tested for ease of assembly and performance. Building a Stirling engine kit can be a rewarding and satisfying experience, and you want to pick the kit that is right for you. You will discover what it takes to assemble and run these four engines:

  • Thames and Kosmos Stirling Engine Car and Experiment Kit
  • Think Geek Stirling Engine Kit by Inpro Solar
  • MM5 Coffee Cup Stirling Engine Kit by the American Stirling Company
  • Grizzly H8102 Stirling Engine Machined Kit

The collection is rounded out by two classic designs that have pleased thousands of builders over the years. Many have enjoyed success building these classic designs:

  • The SFA Stirling Engine Project (Stephen F. Austin University)
  • Easy to Build Stirling Engine (Geocities/TheRecentPast)