Fayle’s Tramways - clay mining in Purbeck - Softback


The ball clay mines on the Island of Purbeck were served by two tramway/railway system, of which the two separate lines operated by the Fayle’s concern were the lesser.

But one was old, starting as a plateway in 1806, and between the two they managed to use six different gauges at various times, and one line survived until the end of the 1960s. Best known historically for using “Russell’ the 2-6-2 tank from the original Welsh Highland Railway, and indirectly saving it for future preservation, in an earlier broader gauge, the concern had two small tank locomotives, but ended its days using assorted diesel locomotives, largely from Ruston.

Whilst it focuses on the tramways, this book also covers the mining in some detail.

168 pages. Around 200 B&W photos, maps and drawings. Hardbound.