Forest Rails Georgia-Pacific's Railroads


Beginning in 1927 as a small dealer in timber, Georgia-Pacific grew in the last half of the 20th century to become one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of forest products. This phenemenal growth eas mainly by buying existing companies, which had considerable logging and shortline operations.

These included 16 common-carrier shortline railroads and five major logging operations spread around much of the United States, where there were logging operations.

To be included in this book, a railroad must have been owned or operated by GeorgiaPacific at some time during its existence, and 32 lines are described here, complete with excellent maps and large quantities of very good B&W and colour photographs.

A beautifully produced and, at 464 pages, a large hardbound book.

Want to konow more about geared locomotives, and logging operations? Take a look at some of the videos from Catenary Productions, some of which include many scenes shot of G-P owned railroads.