Forming Methods Vol. 1 • circa 1942

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Lindsay and ourselves really shouldn’t be offering you this volume on shaping, bending and working metal for aircraft, as the Navy Department, Bureau of Aeronautics marked the originals “Unauthorized circulation of this pamphlet by anyone is prohibited”, but before we all get thrown into clink, here is an excellent book on the subject - from the early 1940s. In fact you get two booklets here, the first being Forming by Section and Tube Bending, which is probably the one which will be most useful to readers, as the second booklet, Forming by Press Brake, is far more concerned with power forming using dies in presses - which doesn’t mean it isn’t useful, but probably reduced in scale. It really doesn’t matter if you need to make some parts for that Flying Fortress the wife is insisting you fly out of the back garden this instant, or you just want a really good, clear and concise book on bending and shaping metal sheet, section and tube - you will find this excellent. 80 pages, heaving with prohibited information. Softcover.