Great Wheal Vor (Hardback edition)


Great Wheal Vor is known as being at one time Cornwall's greatest producer of tin - a renown which extended far beyond its homeland.

Such was the productivity of Vor that it established its own on-site tin smelting furnaces, a development almost unique in Cornish mining. It is also reputed to be the first Cornish mine to install a Newcomen steam pumping engine; it epitomised the fortunes that could be made from Cornwall’s mineral wealth.

Whilst little now remains on the ground, the story of Great Wheal Vor is one of the most important and vibrant in Cornwall’s mining history.

603 pages. 140 illustrations, maps and mine sections. 68 tables. Hardback. Available in very limited quantities.

The thickness of this book has meant we have been unable to satisfactorily scan any of the illustrated pages! Our apologies......

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