Instruction Pamphlets: Air Brake Division.


End of Line 

Set of 9 books from the Westinghouse Air Brake Company, Air Brake division. 


El Equipo De Freno "AB" Para Carro De Carga - Spanish text 

Shop Maintenance, Freight Brake Equipments "AB" Type Valves and Associated Devices. 

Adjustment and Maintenance, Types A, B, C and D Automatic Slack Adjusters. 

Single Capacity Freight Car Brake Equipment ("K" Triple Valve)

The "AB" Freight Brake Equipment

The UC Passenger Car Brake Equipment with Quick Service Feature 

Questions and Answers on the Maintenance of Freight Brakes

No. 6-ET Locomotive Brake Equipment 

26-LA Brake Equipment For Switcher Locomotives with No.26-C Brake Valve and No 26-D Control Valve. 


Condition: Good/Fine : All have some markings on them but the text and diagrams inside are clear.