Leak 'Small' Marine Compound Engine Drawings (A3 size)


Set of 8 drawings for Arthur Leak's 3" & 5" x 3" Marine Compound Steam Engine. This set is printed A3 size, so is reduced from full-size, but the drawings are clear and may easily be worked from. If you prefer larger (A0 size) sheets, click HERE

Whilst described as a 'small' engine, in reality this is only suitable for hulls OVER 25 foot, and up to around 35 foot overall.

The engine has been designed to be built on a 5" lathe, and a milling machine such as a "Senior M1" - this has been largely achieved by making each cylinder and valve chest a separate casting. This is a substantial machine of robust construction designed for hard work. It will develop around 11 IHP at 120 psi and 450 rpm, at which steam consumption is conservatively estimated at 390 lbs per hour.

An inboard condenser and Edwards Air Pump are part of the design, but may be omitted if a keel condenser is preferred. The drawings have imperial dimensions.

The CONSTRUCTION MANUAL is available as a 'Digital Edition', and the castings are also available (see window on near top right of the home page for a full listing; the castings are so heavy our website calculator cannot cope with them!)