Les 230 P8 Prussiennes sur les rails de France


Designed by Robert Garbe for the Prussian State Railways and introduced in 1906, 3948 examples of the P8 class of 4-6-0s were built, forming one of the largest classes of locomotive ever built. Under the terms of the Armistice at the end of World War 1, P8s went to numerous European countries as war reparations, including 162 examples to France, and these are the subject of this book.

They were ditributed to all the French railways other than the PLM, with the largest number (75) going to the Nord. It was there, and especially on the Est region that they lasted longest - into the 1960s. In general they weren't hugely altered, although the Nord tended to prefer its own three axle tenders.

The first 19 pages of this book cover the genesis of the type, and its production and history in Germany, with the remaining 170 pages devoted to those engines which went to France, giving the service of each, and illustrateing many of them. Also listed are the other countries which received P8s, those preserved today, and also commercial models of the class.

191 pages. Around 180 photos, largely B&W but some colour. Hardbound.