Levant Mine An Anthology HARDBOUND


One of the best known Cornish mines, Levant began work in 1820 and continued, almost without interruption, for 110 years producing copper to begin with, and mainly tin in its later years.

Whilst a major mine it became increasingly antiquated in many respects, including being the last mine to use a ‘man engine’ to get workers to and from the very deep levels. On the 20th October 1919 this fractured and gave way close to the surface, resulting in 31 deaths and 19 injured, and this anthology is published to commemorate this disaster.

However, whilst it covers the disaster in considerable detail, it also covers much more, from the periods before and after, including the preservation of the 1840 winding engine in 1935 and its restoration to working order during the 1980s and 90s. A fascinating and informative book about a unique survivor, a unique way of life and a unique mine.

338 pages, heavily illustrated with photographs and other illustrations, plus maps and drawings. Paperback.