LMS Review: for Prototype and Model Inspirations

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End of Line 

Publisher: Wild Swans Publications 

Date: 2013

Condition: Good, a few minor marks on the front and back cover

Includes the following 

  • The Newport Pagnall Branch by Chris Turner & R.J.Essery 
  • ex-LMS Diesel-Electrics 10000 and 10001 in 4mm by David Hunt 
  • A Very Fine 7mm Scale Model of Ex-LMS No. 10000 by David Hunt 
  • Brake Van Variants in 4mm Scale by Mick Moore 
  • Colliery Branches by R.J. Essery 
  • Enhancing a Hornby Stanier 50ft 0in Full Brake by Gerry Beale 
  • Shoscombe & Single Hill Halt 
  • LMS Tenders Part 1 - The Old Standard 3,500 gallon tenders by John Jennison 
  • The Bachman Midland 4F by Robin Whittle 
  • Cummings 4-6-0s Part 1 - The Superheated Goods by Keith Miles