Locomotives by Beyer Peacock - 1946

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The first post WW11 promotional 'Catalogue' from Beyer Peacock & Co. Ltd. In a landscape format, this includes 48 pages of photos and details of locomotives Beyer Peacock had built for service around the world.Many of these are distinctly pre-war, but some, notably Stanier 8Fs built for the War Department, were recent to the publication date. Also includes 4 pages of work's scenes, 2 devoted to Garratts, one to Rack locomotives, one to Portable tools for running sheds and one to castings. 64 ages in all and Paperback.

This is an original, not one of the late Joe Lloyd's reprints, and rare.

Condition - Reasonable there are a few signs of damp but all pages and pictures are OK, and the top right hand corner there is a little damage.