Mine Pumping Engines in Eighteenth Century Cornwall


Look at the title of this book and you almost instinctively thinks of the ‘Cornish’ Beam Engine of Trevithick and others, but that was really a Nineteenth century development; this book is about the developments during the previous century.

As well as the use of adits and water engines, here you find the works of such pioneers as James Coster, Thomas Savery, Thomas Newcomen, John Smeaton, William Murdock, James Watt, Matthew Boulton plus, towards the end of the century, Hornblower, Winwood and Bull. 

Whilst this history is told from a Cornish perspective, many of these men were also active elsewhere, so this is really the story of the early development of steam power. Both the historically impetus to the developments, and their technicalities, are very well covered.

176 page paperback (one fold-out page) with numerous B&W illustrations - often drawings, and a few colour illustrations.