Miniature Ringbom Engines


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Title: Miniature Ringbom Engines   Author: James R Senft. 

Publisher: Moriya Press        Pages: 114

Binding: Paperback               Date: 2nd Print 2008

Book Condition: Very Good


The book Miniature ringbom engines is a practical introduction to a whole new branch of stirling engine technology. The Ringbom engine is a hot air engine with a normal crank-coupled piston but with a displacer free of any mechanical leakage. The displacer is driven automatically by changing pressure within the engine. This makes the Ringbom an utterly fascinating engine to see in operation and opens up a wide new world of possible configurations for Stirling engines. 

This is a primarily a how-to book, focused on presenting information and ideas for making working engines. Detailed plans and instructions for making three different model ringbom engines are at the core. These include tiny engine that runs at high speed on a small flame. Larger ringbom which can run for hours on thermal energy. 

The Author, is a university professor who has written and lectured extensively on Stirling engines, and served as consultant to universities, laboratories and industrial organisations working on engine development.