Model Engineering A Guide to Model Workshop Practice {1915}


Henry Greenly was perhaps the first writer of what one could call ‘modern’ model engineering articles, a few of which have been assembled in this book, first published in 1915; in fact this is perhaps the precursor of many of the compendium types books in this booklist - it is certainly a salutary reminder of what a good writer he was, and how he wrote on many more subjects than ‘LBSC’. Here you get 26 pages on The Equipment of a Model Engineer’s Workshop, 16 pages on The Lathe and its Fitments, 25 pages of Notes on Lathe Work, 33 pages of The Various Processes Employed, 21 pages on Model Steam-Engine Cylinders, 20 pages on Types of Model Steam- Engine Cylinders, 18 pages on Engine Cranks, Connecting Rods, Bearings and Eccentrics, 14 pages on Steam-Engine Valve and Reversing Gears, 25 pages on Model Boiler Design and Construction, 2 pages on Model Boiler and Engine Valves and Fittings, 11 pages on Force Pumps, Injectors and Gauges, 12 pages on Firing Model Boilers, 9 pages of Historical and Other Scale “Glass-case” Models, 14 pages on Making a Model 1” x 1” Vertical Steam Engine, 12 pages on A High-speed Compound Condensing Engine and Coil Boiler, 17 pages on A 1?2” scale Model Midland Railway Express Locomotive, 32 pages covering A Working Model Metropolitan Railway Electric Locomotive (Gauge 1), 26 pages on Internal Combustion Engines, 19 pages of Model Railway Engineering, 22 pages of Miscellaneous Working Models (2 cannons, 2 guns, a crane, portable engine and various boats), and 4 pages about a Model G.C.R. Express Locomotive (Gauge 1 4-6-0 “Sir Sam Fay”); 407 pages in all, including the Index. If that listing doesn’t give you an idea of the spread of this book, take our word for it, it is considerable! And whilst it may be nearly ninety years old, the vast majority of it is useful today, even the chapter on Model Boilers, which is extremely broad, covering model stationary and marine boilers as much as locomotives. As well as an excellent text, there are 85 photographs and no less than 724 line drawings - this really is a book you will refer to time and time again. Paperback.