Mount Wellington A forgotten Cornish mine: 1969-1981


Mount Wellington mine, in the shadow of its neighbour Wheal Jane, was one of 4 new mines that were reopened during the brief 1970s Cornish mining boom, when it was expected that the revival in the price of tin would last.

Wellington was a very 'wet' pit and the reopening process was long and arduous. The author was involved with the mine over a twelve year period, and tells of the huge efforts made to bring it into production.

This is an usual mining book as it tells the story of Mount Wellington from an engineering and practical viewpoint - John Hurr also doesn't pull any punches when it comes to the politics behind the continuing changes in the mine's owernship and especially of its closure.

Well written and an illuminating read.

 170 page larger format paperback illustrated with B&W and colour photographs, and reproduction of Rule Books etc.