My Miniature World


End of Line 

Publisher: Melrose Books      Author: Eric T Rawlins 

Publication Date: 2008          Pages: 174

Binding: Hardcover

Book Condition: Very Good, Sleeve very good condition. 

My Miniature World' discusses the philosophy behind building certain model locomotives, passenger and freight rolling stock with Companies represented from 1880 to 1947. Help is given regarding the necessary research, leading to the drawings and photographs for each model. The reader is pointed in the direction of available items through trade sources, particularly castings, motors and wheels. Readers of this book will discover techniques old and new which, applied to railway modelling, will both enhance enjoyment and keep the pound in your pocket! 'This book is a celebration of a lifetime of railway modelling by the founder of the Railways in Miniature Museum. Eric Rawlins makes clear his astonishing diversity of inspiration and detailed knowledge of railway history, while readily revealing decades of carefully acquired practical information.' PAUL ATTERBURY - Railway author and long-standing member of the BBC's Antiques Roadshow team of experts.