Narrow Lines Extra No 3 "Scrapbook" of Narrow Gauge Drawings (Last Copies)



The subject matter of this booklet has been derived purely from personal choice. Several of the drawings, such as those of "MONARCH" and the Bagnall saddle tank are favourites that I have long wanted to draw. Some have been included because I happened to have the particular works drawing available, whilst others have been included to keep a reasonable balance. I hope that most people will find something of interest to them in the pages that follow.

The previous two booklets in this series, Narrow Lines Extras Nos. 1* and 2 have shown a slight bias towards the narrower gauges, say those below 2ft 6ins. In this issue an attempt has been made to include a selection of stock running on gauges up to one metre.

It is perhaps useful to include a few notes on the actual reproduction of the drawings. The originals have all been drawn to scales considerably larger than 7mm/ft, the exact ratio being determined by the size and complexity of the prototype. Great care has been taken to ensure that the final copy will be produced to the correct scale, however paper is a notoriously unstable substance. The final copy will be accurate as it comes, warm and dry, from the printing machine. Subsequent changes in temperature and humidity may cause measurable dimensional changes in the sheets. In all cases the width of the drawing between the borders should measure exactly 275mm when the scale drawing is exactly 7mm/ft, i.e. a ratio of 1:43.543.

Most of the drawings in this booklet have been produced from the original manufacturers’ general arrangement drawings. Quite often these are quite unsuitable for use directly in modelling. They are mostly composed of cut away sections, with very little in the way of fixing bolts or rivets shown on them. Detail such as the position and size of spectacle glasses has to be derived from close scrutiny of photographs, as indeed do the placing of rivets, etc.

This explains why many drawings intended for modellers’ use have good detail of the sides and ends yet are very sparse in detail on the plan view. Photographers just do not seem to take many shots from above!

Several of the prototypes contain details that the available drawings and photographs do not show properly. In these cases drawings omit these details. Should you be contemplating making a model of a particular prototype then it would be advantageous to obtain as many photographs as possible. It is just impossible to show all the detail clearly on drawings to 7mm/ft.

26 Pages (Softbound A4), All A4 Drawings.