Not a Plack the Richer - Argyll’s Mining Story


Argyll is a county half way up Scotland’s west coast, but this book tells the story of mining in an Argyll largely defined as the larger area controlled at one time by the Dukes of Argyll - and it is quite a story, with a host of characters led by Rudolph Erich Raspe, the author of The Adventures of Baron Munchausen  who spent many a year trying to swindle the Dukes and their followers with generally fraudulent claims.

In fact the mines of the area extracted everything from gold to coal from the earth of Argyll, not forgetting the element strontium, and one silica mine remains active today. Definitely a different mining book; 238 pages, 16 pages of B&W illustrations. Paperback.

(A ‘Plack” was a very low value coin from the 17th century)