Railways at the End of the World - in Patagonia and the South Atlantic Islands (SALE)

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Very highly detailed book on all of the railways of Patagonia, taken as the lines running west from the Argentinian port of Bahía Blanca, and south of this, including those in Chile.

Each line’s history is covered, from first plans to the present - or closure, with copious information on locomotives and rolling stock. Gauges of the lines vary from broad to narrow, and include well known lines such as Rio Turbio, and the Esquel line from Ingeniero Jacobacci, but these form a small part of the total.

Also covered are the railways, or railed transport, found on Ascension Island, Saint Helena, the Falklands and South Georgia.

Extremely impressive production with a 1000 or so B&W archive photographs, and colour ones of more modern scenes, very good maps, and drawings of locomotives and some rolling stock.  348 landscape format pages. Hardbound.

One of the best books I have seen on railways anywhere, since 'The Lynton & Barnstaple Remembered', which is no longer available.