Revue Générale des Chins de Fer Fevrier 1894


Dating from the 17th year of publication, this is a 125 year old example of one of the great technical magazines for railwaymen of all persuasions.

The contents cover a turntable for moving longer wagons in confined spaces, and one linked to a coal conveyor belt system, plus a dynamometer car for the PLM, and the Italian Royal Train - all theses have fold out drawings over A3 size to accompany them. And there is also an article, including a drawing, of an 'automatic' cylinder lubricator  which appears to be displacement type.

As is to be expected of a magazine of this age, this copy is loose, with the front cover detached, and there is wear around the edges. But whilst the paper is discoloured, the contents are clean and all is legible.

A great opportunity to acquire a real rarety!