Robert Doisneau (Last Copies)


During the nineteenth century France, and especially Paris, produced a number of renowned photographers who recorded life in that great city.

Brassai and Cartier-Bresson are perhaps the most famous, but Robert Doisneau (1912-1994), was slightly later, and his work spans a considerable period.

Doisneau specialised in people, especially workers, as much as specific places, and this very large book showcases over 400 examples of his work, very largely in B&W, from the 1920s to the 1990s. His photographs taken during both during the Occupation of Paris, and its Liberation are especially memorable, but there are a huge number of visual delights to enjoy here.

540 large format pages. Hardbound.

This book weighs nearly 4kgs, so trying to read it on your lap, or in bed, is somewhat difficult!