Sheet Metal Technology (SALE)

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In this, his last book, Dave Gingery returned to his trade in the metal fabrication industry. Actually the book was written in the late 1980’s but Dave never got round to publishing it, so it isn’t strictly his last work, but nevertheless..... The central theme is the vocational application of sheet metal technology, and the book is presented very much like a course book for a college course. But this is Dave writing, so the 24” leaf brake he suggests you make for bending (and gives you the plans for) is made mainly from hardwood. And there are other plans, including a mechanic’s toolbox, a workshop toolbox and a barbeque; if there is a better book that really teaches you how to work sheet metal we haven’t found it; neither has Tom Lindsay, of Lindsay Publications, whose only criticism of this book is the boring title - he feels “How to Learn to Work Sheet Metal by Fabricating Something That is Actually Very Useful” would be better for such an interesting book. Well...... but anyway, this is Dave at his very best. 112 pages, full of drawings, photos and wisdom. Paperback.