An Anglo-Swedish collaboration, including the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, this book is described by the consortium's Head of UK Sales as 'spiffing'. I am not quite sure that this is the right word, but it certainly is a splendid book in every way.

It is an extraordinary photographic history of shipwrecks that occured of the coasts of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly over 130 years, from 1871, taken by five generations of one family, the Gibsons of Scilly. The area has always been highly treacherous, and in the days before modern-day navigational aids, large numbers of ships were wrecked.

Sixty-eight wrecks are covered here, covering everything from small sailing coasters, to large Atlantic liners, warships, a submarine and a Landing craft.

Books on the Gibsons and their photographs have been published before, but never in such a large format (240 mm x 315 mm) in a book of such very high quality. At least one photoigraph of each wreck is full page, some bigger, and one across two full pages; the amount of detai in each b&w photo is extraordinary. The accompanying text is informative on the details of the ship, the wreck and its aftermath.

197 landscape format pages with incredible printing and paper., this is tremendous value!