Silver Rails - the railroads of Leadville, Colorado


The BEST book on the American Narrow Gauge for quite some time!

During the last two decades of the 19th century, Leadville, around 80 miles WSW of Denver, was one of the most famous cities in the world as millions of dollars of silver ore poured from its mines. Railroads saw these riches as their opportunity for wealth as well, but the mountains meant that getting to Leadville was far from easy.

The 3’ gauge D&RGW and the Denver & South Park arrived in town in 1880, and the standard gauge Colorado Midland in 1887, all having constructed some of the most amazing railways the world had then seen. Largely forgotten today, Leadville was the real catalyst for the narrow gauge lines Colorado is remembered for in the 21st century.

How Leadville got its rail connections is an amazing story, involving not just very difficult construction, but fights, legal and with guns, over disputed rights of way, three railroad Barons of dubious morality and one rather better plus, of course, construction and railroad workers encountering terrible winter conditions both building and operating the lines. The whole story is brilliantly told in this wonderful book. 288 landscape pages. Over 400 B&W and colour photos. 18 route maps - 7 historic maps. Hardbound.

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